Barbara English

Weaving Story and Song: Barbara's Background



Barbara's History

...Life is full of surprises!

Slowly, like a seed germinating, Barbara began to then focus her life on spiritual direction practices. The sprouting was intentional with surprising nutrients along the decades...

  • The Summer Spirituality Institute,United Theological seminary
  • WomanWell: Certified in the Spiritual Leadership & Guidance Program
  • Pastoral Counseling study, United Theological Seminary
  • Certification in the Eight Stage Healing Process for Family Members of the Mentally Ill (Julie Tallard Johnson)
  • Overseeing care of a beloved parent nearly 20 years,  navigating senior facility services 
  • The Christine Center: Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation in Wisconsin
  • Commissioned to write the new grace for meals and theme song for Koinonia Retreat Center: "Koinonia Graces Me." (a Greek word to mean 'Fellowship')

Training, Experience, Education

Barbara's been 'in training' all her life. It's all good. She has come back to her roots of passion: music, nature and spiritual wonder.

Barbara worked four summers as a musician and led worship and program themes for Children's, Music and Family Camps at Koinonia Retreat Center in the 1970's. She attended Osseo High School, sang in the choir and motet, and competed vocally statewide. She studied music, guitar and voice at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and completed two degrees in the 80's to teach senior high English and Speech Communications. Her first job was Director of Children and Youth Ministries at Centennial UMC in Roseville, MN. She went on to lead many retreats, facilitated gatherings of different faiths, and offered music over the decades. Barbara finished her MBA (Health Care) at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN; she aspired to be able to create processes and services in organizations where employees could find fulfillment in streamlined, well defined systems that valued their skills .

She launched Hazelden's first Web site which was 10,000 pages deep when she left in the 1990's, receiving International acclaim for providing a confidential, trustworthy resource in the addiction field. She then went on to have her own business developing and transforming business processes and online presence. Clients included the MN Vikings and Great Clips. Her career was focused on organizational transformation balanced between for-profit and nonprofit work. In 2004, her world was turned inside out and upside down            ...and that's part of the story!