Barbara English

Weaving Story & Song



Barbara English: 

Certified Spiritual Director, Speaker, Musician

Barbara picked up the guitar in 5th grade, and never put it down. Her first solo was as an elementary school youngster singing, "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." Her first rock star performance at age 12 was "House of the Rising Sun." Barbara has been bridging the gap between the ordinary and sacred ever since. Here's the good news, from the footlight marquis:                       IT'S ALL SACRED...

The practice of Spiritual Direction in our daily lives grounds us, centers us for the journey. We can grow our ability to embrace each 'ordinary' day or extraordinary challenge through awareness, reflection, and skill.  Life changes, it changes us. How do we hold on to our inner strength, our center, so we can stay the course? Come explore spiritual deepening and the light that remains lit within  to guide your path...

Barbara's Background

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Group Workshops

'Weaving Story and Song' for small or large groups, conferences, retreats, and sacred services.

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Spiritual Direction

Individual Spiritual Direction Sessions for spiritual deepening and a companion on the journey.

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Hosting Barbara

at your Location

Barbara offers story and song  presentations...

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WEAVING STORY AND SONG... and a bit of humor!



Barbara is a Spiritual Director, companioning individuals to find the light within, to make meaning and find strength in our experience, seeing moments through a spiritual lens...


No matter what your belief, the idea of spiritual direction is to connect our head with our heart, to ground ourselves and align our energy, learning to trust the life seasons, and processes represented in the world around us. Some folks may call this Divine Presence, Energy, God, Spirit, The Universe: One may or may not have the language of a treasured religion to be a seeker to be awareness of a deeper light and a Spirit at work in the world. A new beginning starts with an open heart, helping you sort out what language, symbols and skills will work best for the spiritual life you want to embrace.

ust a special outreach to those in caring situations...

Burn out is especially high for caregivers and clergy. If you are a caregiver of others, recovering from caregiving, or in charge of spiritual formation for your church, spiritual direction offers important tools to rekindle your energy, and find connection to your internal anchor, your center.



Barbara serves as a group speaker, musician, and storyteller for retreat days, church events, group settings, conferences, associations and nature settings.

Humor is often part of the journey!


Barbara can provide leadership for small group gatherings that want to meet focused on book study or spiritual topics.

The practice of spiritual direction takes practice, so a weekly, monthly, quarterly or regular group gathering in circle for centering can remind us to enter into "Harbor Time," a time to bring the boat into the slip, turn off the engines, pausing to remember the moments that matter. 

The practice of centering, is a good personal and community habit in a world of many distractions.

Music, Story, Art, Humor, Fellowship:

many tools for the journey, 

even for the rough roads through grief, regret, and

struggle -  we can soothe our tender hearts. 

...Learning to center ourselves, 

brings peace to our world, one person at a time.

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed. 

Soothes the mind, gives it rest. 

Heals the heart and makes it whole. 

Flows through the Spirit to the soul."  Unknown

Gathering indoors and outdoors:

                                                     Life symbols everywhere...

Honoring every season...​

Honors the seasons of our lives.

Honoring the 'in-between times' is just as important -     

                                                                   ...shifting, turning into the seasons.

...being present to each moment in intimate small group settings, large sacred services and holiday gatherings,